NTP sued over its patents

In an ironic twist, it’s now NTP’s turn to get sued (If you missed it, NTP is now suing Palm, after settling with RIM). A software developer from Florida has filed a suit alleging that he was part of the original team to develop some of the key technologies in NTP’s patents and asking for part credit for the patents and some of the royalties collected by NTP from RIM and Palm (if they win that case). Owen Tavory claims that he came up with the idea for delivering e-mails to his pager while working as an independent consultant for NTP’s founder, Thomas Campana.

Should Tavory win his case, he would be entitled to grant licenses to the patents. Tavory’s role surfaced during the NTP – RIM battle but the argument (made then by RIM) that he was the true inventor was dismissed by the jury.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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