OtterBox 1910 case for hw6500 reviewed by BargainPDA

Otterbox 1910

BargainPDA has posted a review of the Otterbox 1910 case. This case for the iPAQ hw6500 is made of a glass-reinforced, polycarbonate shell with a thermoplastic rubber overmolding for added drop-protection. It allows access to almost all of the iPAQs buttons and slots as well as access to the keypad through the patented, user-replaceable screen membrane so that you can use the device without taking it out of the case. A WL Gore membrane vent allows sound transmission so that you can use the iPAQ’s phone capabilities as well.

BargainPDA bravely subjected their hw6500 and the Otterbox 1910 to an underwater test. The also look at how easy it is to put the iPAQ in the case and how easy or difficult it is to use all of the device features while it is in the case.

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