Palm releases Palm Treo 700p

Palm Treo 700p

Palm announced the Palm Treo 700p today, the Palm OS version of the Treo 700w. It is the first Palm device to connect to CDMA EV-DO networks (offering download speeds up to 700Kbps) and will be offered through partners Sprint and Verizon. Like the 700w, it comes with a 312MHz Intel processor, 128MB of internal memory (60MB user available), an SD card slot, Bluetooth and a 1.3MP camera. Unlike the 700w, it comes with Palm OS 5.4.9 (Garnet) and a 320 x 320 screen. Dimensions and weight are the same.

The Treo 700p also comes with a photo and video album software tool to help users manage their collections and Pocket Tunes from NormSoft to play music files. Customers upgrading to Pocket Tunes Deluxe adds support for Microsoft’s PlaysForSure/Janus technology.

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