Preview of Microsoft Crossbow

Microsoft Crossbow has posted a review of the upcoming version of Windows Mobile, currently known by the codename Crossbow. So, what can we expect from Crossbow? A lot of enhancements and new features are related to the upcoming Exchange 2007 platform and changes to Direct Push. The user interface (sounds, themes, icons) will be revamped to align more closely with Vista. You can also expect to see IP telephony support (VoIP, SIP standard), Smart Dial 2.0 to speed up contact searches, removable on-screen virtual keyboards, HTML support for email, integration with Windows Live services, memory card encryption support and still more.

Crossbow also comes with a framework for a marketplace application that would allo users to browse, purchase, download and install software application over-the-air (OTA).

In terms of footprint, there is little change from Windows Mobile 5. 32MB ROM and 32MB RAM are required and the same CPU requirements, suggesting that devices running 200MHz processors and 64MB RAM and 64MB ROM will be able to run Crossbow.

The review is done on a version of Crossbow that is not complete. As of today, not all functions are operating properly and some of them don’t start up at all.

If you’re curious to see how it all looks, the review has plenty of screenshots to go with it.

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