Push email on Pocket PC 2003SE

If you’re still using a Pocket PC 2003SE device and wish that you could have push email, the announcement by DataViz that RoadSync is now available for mobile devices with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition will be of interest to you. As Microsoft Exchange added these new mobility features in SP2, a corresponding Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) was added to Windows Mobile 5.0 software, but there was still a need for comparable MSFP features for Windows Mobile 2003-based devices. DataViz has stepped in to fill this need with RoadSync by effectively delivering a similar feature pack for devices with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software.

RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2 supports features like direct push technology to securely push e-mail, calendar and contact notifications to and from the device, remote wipe security allowing administrators to remotely wipe a device to erase any sensitive information from the device, over-the-air access to the Global Address List (GAL) and support for select remotely enforced policies to give administrators improved management capabilities.

RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE is available for $49.99 USD directly from DataViz or through its resellers.

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