Samsung SGH-i320 gets FCC approval

Samsung SGH-i320

The Samsung SGH-i320 which had surfaced back in February at the 3GSM World Congress and yet another Motorola Q competitor, has received FCC approval. Unfortunately for us, many of the documents are still confidential so that we have little information on it. If anything, the FCC approval should be a good indication that there are plans afoot to release the SGH-i320 in the United States.

From what we learned in February, the SGH-i320 weighs about 95 grams. In terms of specs, it runs Windows Mobile 5.0 (including MSFP), comes with 120MB of memory, offers tri-band GSM support (including EDGE), a landscape QVGA screen, a microSD slot, Bluetooth, stereo speakers and a 1.3MP camera.

Pricing and availability information are not available yet.

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