Scratch-less discs a reality?

Scratch-less disc

A US company is now offering what it calls the “the world’s safest optical disc”. The Scratch-Less Disc is supposed to offer improved reliability and damage protection than regular discs. Whereas regular discs can easily get scratched and then stop working as well, these discs come with “Aero Bumps”, essentially 20 small bumps, that keep the disc’s surface off from surfaces that could scatch it. The disc also comes with a scratch resistant polymet coating to prevent scratches.

But do they work? It would appear so according to a review by French site Les They subjected the discs to steel wool as well as a 40 kilogram Labrador. In both cases, the discs remained completely usable whereas regular discs (CD-R’s in both cases) either barely survived (the Labrador test) or not at all (the steel wool test).

Scratchless-Disc LLC seems to have distribution agreements with resellers in a number of countries across the world (including North America).

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