Sensible Sudoku from Ludimate

Ludimate Sensible Sudoku

If you have not caught the Sudoku bug yet, here is a new opportunity to do so. Ludimate has just released Sensible Sudoku. Just in case you have not heard of Sudoku, it is a puzzle game where a 9×9 grid must be filled in with numbers. On each row, column and regions (smaller 3×3 subgrids), the numbers 1 through 9 can only show up once. Logic rather than math will help you solve the puzzles.

Ludimate’s Sensible Sudoku comes with a puzzle generator (with billions of possibilities, it should keep you busy), four difficulty levels, various support features like the ability to play with or without incorrect numbers and various types of hints, pencil marks to make annotations, support for square screens and VGA screens and audio effects. The last is described as a sophisticated audio design which is hard to explain in words. Definitely intriguing!

Sensible Sudoku for Windows Mobile is available for $12.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. It is also available for Windows Mobile Smartphone, Symbian Series 60 and UIQ devices.

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