Silver Motorola Q software update

Motorola Q

Verizon released the Motorola Black Q with a software update called MOL2. This update is now also available to silver Q users by download. Details of what is contained in the update are sketchy on the Motorola web site. Fortunately, has some additional information. The update does not add any new features but there are a number of improvements. First and foremost, you should see improved battery life. Among the other enhancements (but not limited to) are:

  • The master reset will now remove all of your user content
  • Bluetooth dial-up is now supported with VZW Access Manager
  • Support for Windows 2000 including dial-up
  • Volume control added to jog wheel for Bluetooth headset
  • Backlight will not timeout until call is accepted or goes to voicemail
  • Explorer will no longer exit you to the home screen when trying to access certain websites

The ‘More information’ link will take you to the download for Verizon.

Source: Smartphone Thoughts

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