Skype 2.0 for Pocket PC


Skype 2.0 has moved out of beta and is now an official product (the last official version was 1.1!). The new version adds support for Windows Mobile 5.0, support for suquare screens, Skype to Skype and SkypeOut calls, improved contact list sorting and searches, authorization for buddy requests and adding new contacts, the ability to make SkypeOut calls directly from the device phone book, automatic synchronization of your Skype contact list between device and desktop and more.

One prominent feature that did not make it on is the video calling functionality that you can find on the PC version of Skype.

To run Skype 2.0 for Pocket PC, you will need Windows Mobile 5.0 or 2003 for Pocket PC, a 312MHz or higher processor and a high speed wireless Internet connection over WiFi or 3G.

Source: the::unwired

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