Sony PS2 to outsell PS3 until 2008

Business Week is reporting that the Sony PlayStation 2 will continue to outsell the PlayStation 3 well into 2008. In Sony’s fiscal year ending in March 2007, the expectation is that 11 million PS2s and 6 million PS3s will be sold. The year after, the gap will close slightly with another 11 million PS2s and 7 million PS3s being sold. And the PS2 could even outsell both the Wii and the Xbox 360 in 2007.

So what is the secret to the PS2’s success? Its low cost certainly has a role to play in it. Another advantage is the breadth of its game catalog. And with over 100 million PS2s already sold, game developers are not quite ready to abandon this platform. So, new games means the potential for new players, especially with a new focus on more family oriented games (as the hardcore gamers are moving to the next generation platforms).

At least Sony is making a few bucks of each PS2 sold!

Source: Digg

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