Sony to offer movie download service for PS3 and PSP?

It appears that Sony is about to launch its own movie download service for the PlayStation 3 console. Users who also have a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) would also have the option of then synchronizing their downloads to that device as well.

Sources reveal that the service has been in development for the last year and a half. It is expected to go live in early 2007, initially with movies from Sony Pictures. Just as Apple is hoping to sign other movie studios to its iTunes service, Sony hopes to be able to expand its movie catalog later in the year.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times are reporting that Sony is planning a movie download service for the PSP. Movies would be stored on Sony’s Memory Stick format which is now available in capacities up to 4GB (enough for 10 movies). More interesting is the fact that Sony is also in talks with’s Unbox service as well as Movielink and CinemaNow to have them carry the service.

So, is Sony working on two services or will see a single service that offers both options?

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