Spb AirIslands – A new concept in Pocket PC Games

Spb AirIslands

Spb Software House has launced Spb AirIslands, a game based on a unique concept that blends a real-time strategy game with a set of mini-games. You are in the middle of a situation when the good old world is destroyed and broken into a number of isolated islands. Your task is not only to survive on such an island, but to colonize, build, and develop it, taking into account different factors that influence the hard colonist’s life. If you manage to bring prosperity on your single island, you can try to repair the whole world!

When you have a couple of minutes, you can play a mini-game that will earn you resources that you can then use to develop your island by adding buildings (8 types are available) and natural elements like trees as well as making sure your inhabitants are happy. The three mini-games are Spb Xonix II which earns you wood, Spb Arkaball II which earns you bricks and Spb Bubbles which brings water to your island. The AirIslands web site lets you publish your high scores as well as compete against other players.

Spb AirIslands is available for both QVGA and VGA devices for $19.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available.

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