Spb Software House launches Third Annual Spb Pocket PC Survey

Spb Software House has launched its third annual Spb Pocket PC Survey to gather information about the Pocket PC community. The information is not only useful to Spb Software House but to everyone interested in finding out information such as where we use our devices, our software, what sites we visit with our devices (don’t forget to mention Gadgetorama) and accessory buying habits and what features are the most important.

The Second Annual Pocket PC Survey conducted in 2005 uncovered some interesting facts:

  • Users have three times more phone editions than a year ago
  • HP iPAQ lost almost a half of its market share in connection with the growing number of Dell Axim and phone edition devices
  • The average storage card size is 1.16 GB, which is 3.5 times more than a year ago
  • 85% users use Pocket PCs to connect to the Internet. It’s a more important thing than games now

Spb Software House is offering a free collection of five ringtones to all who complete the survey.

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