Spybot – Search and Destroy goes mobile

Unfortunately, spyware is now a reality for almost anyone using the Internet. I have been using Spybot-S&D for a number of years to keep my PC free of such garbage. The makers of Spybot also have a mobile version appropriately enough called Spybot-S&D for Windows Mobile. It uses a lightweight version of the detection engine of Spybot-S&D for Windows to detect threats for Windows Mobile and Symbian both, the later because Bluetooth worms could spread over OS borders, and while they would not perform on an incompatible OS, they would still waste precious space on the device.

Many will argue that viruses and other malware is still more at the proof-of-concept stage on the Windows Mobile platform. It’s reassuring though to see that proactive steps are being taken to hopefully prevent this from happening on our mobile devices.

Spybot-S&D is available as a free download. Different versions are available for Windows Mobile Smartphones, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Symbian UIQ.

Source: Aximsite

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