The Apple fun product announcement

Apple iPod Hi-Fi

As many had guessed, Apple announced the new Intel Mac mini computers. They will come in single-processor and dual-processor chip versions and will include Apple’s Front Row software to let you watch movies and videos, listen to audio and more from your Mac. The mini will also work with a remote control with its new infrared port.

Front Row will also come with Bonjour, a zero-configuration networking tool that will let you share content between your Apple devices.

Apple also unveiled new leather cases for the 5G and nano iPods. They will sell for $99 USD each.

Apple is also claiming to have reinvented home stereo with the new iPod Hi-Fi which looks like a speaker with an iPod dock on top. It is actually a three-driver system in one unit and it comes with an integrated power supply but can also be powered using six D-size batteries. It will also work will all iPods with a dock connector (using inserts if necessary) as well as with the Apple Remote. It will sell for $349 USD.