Tracking results of the upcoming Soccer World Cup

Soccer Information Manager 2006

The 2006 World Cup of soccer is just around the corner. Thirty-two teams from all over the world will try to become World Champions. The event takes place in Germany over one month and features over 60 matches. There is quite a bit of information to keep track of. Fortunately, Windows Mobile users now have a useful tool at their disposal: Soccer Information Manager 2006.

Not only will Soccer Information Manager 2006 let you track information like the entire schedule (sorted by starting time, by groups, by final rounds or by stadium locations) but it will also let you play out different scenarios. For example, what would the Group look like if a particular team ends up with so many wins, ties and losses. Soccer Information Manager 2006 will also alert you to match starting times by syncing up with Outlook. It comes with English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese language options and takes up less than 250Kb of space.

Soccer Information Manager 2006 is available for $4.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available.

Update: Soccer Information Manager 2006 is no longer available. No reason was provided as to what caused this. I have removed the link to PocketGear.

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