Upcoming Palm Treo 680 and 750 models

Palm Treo 680

Palm may not have formally released the Treo 680 but enough details have leaked out that all that’s missing is a formal product annoucement. The 680 is intended for price sensitive customers and will be made available across the world to some 20 providers (including Cingular in the US). It will have the same form factor as the 750v (ie, no external antenna) but will not include 3G data capabilities. It is expected to run the Palm OS and come with 64MB RAM and a VGA camera.

The Treo 750 is also expected to come to Cingular. A slip earlier this week on Palm’s affiliate software store site revealed this information. It is expected to have both UMTS and HSPDA.

With release dates expected shortly, we should have all the details on these new Treos fairly quickly.