WebIS releases new FlexWallet 2006

Earlier this month, WebIS aquired FlexWallet from Two Peaks Software. The first version, branded WebIS, is now available. FlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC device.

The new version does feature some changes: The SmartPhone and Pocket PC versions are now bundled together under one license. The desktop version has been broken out (although you can also find a bundle version that includes it as well). A password generator has also been added and the ATM pin pad on the Pocket PC version has been improved.

FlexWallet 2006 is available for $19.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available. Existing FlexWallet users should refer to the WebIS site to obtain new registration codes and update their version.

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