What is next for the Zune?

Microsoft Zune

Now that the Microsoft Zune is in stores, speculation has begun about what Microsoft will do next. A few interesting suggestions have surfaced.

First, with Toshiba just announcing new updates to its Gigabyte P5 and P10 DAPs, there is speculation that the new P20K and P10K could be rebranded as smaller Zune players to target Apple’s iPod nano line. These feature 2G or 1GB or storage respectively as well as an FM tuner, a 96 x 64 pixel OLED display and a built in microphone in a package that mesures 83 x 32 13mm.

The Zune is also barely out a day that a couple of limited edition colours have surfaced. Pink and orange Zunes have apparently been delivered to people involved in getting the Zune out to market. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine other limited series colours making their way to market in the next few months (perhaps to coincide with the launch of higher capacity Zunes?).

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg report suggests that Microsoft has future plans to offer video-sharing support and a device with telephony capabilities. No timelines as to when we could see either of these were provided though.