What is the Origami Project?

The Microsoft Origami project?

A lot of rumours have been swirling around about what the Origami Project is. So far, we know that the domain is owned by Microsoft and that a big announcement should happen on March 2nd. Not much else is on the web site except for the fact we can expect the site to continue to unveil information over a 3 week period (according to the timeline).

Fortunately for the curious and impatient among us, a post on Engadget may have shed a lot more light. Visit the DigitalKitchen (a marketing firm) web site, enter the site and select ‘WORK’ and then ‘BRANDTHEATRE’. THe first entry is called Microsoft Origami. Check out the video and we could have our answer: an ultra-portable PC very similar to the OQO.

We will know more on March 2nd.

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