Where to notebook design?

Lenovo Yoga notebook

An article from the Sydney Morning Herald looks at how design is becoming increasingly important in the world of technology. We have already seen this trend take root in the world of mobile phones (think Motorola’s RAZR) and it is becoming increasingly important in other areas. New and unusual designs may help companies differentiate their products from those of their competitors (just look at Apple).

One interesting laptop featured is the Lenovo Yoga laptop which first surfaced last year as part of the Red Dot Design Awards. It makes use of unusual materials (in the technology world) such as leather for its hinges and overall finish. It also features a keyboard that can be completely detached from the unit.

The article also looks at the limited-edition Renegade desktop. The entire run of 100 sold out in one day despite a cool $US10,000 USD price tag.

Definitely an interesting read.

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