Windows CE 6.0 officially released

Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows CE, the core of its embedded device software platform. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will be used as the base for the next version of Windows Mobile (codenamed Photon) which is expected in about 2 years. CE 6.0 had first been announced at the Mobile & Embedded Developer’s Conference (MEDC) in May.

Windows CE 6.0 promises to deliver enhancements to the kernel (for example, improved performance, new kernel mode drivers,support for up to 32,000 processes with up to 2GB of virtual memory per process) and new software components for cellular communications, video projector support and set-top box and network device technologies. The CE development tools will also be converted to plug-ins for Visual Studio 2005.

Microsoft has also announced that the entire Windows CE kernel source code will be available to developers.

Note: The ‘More information’ links to a PDF document.


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