Zune.net launches


The Zune release date is now less than 10 days away (if you live in the US, anywhere else, it’s who knows?). To go with the Zune, Microsoft has launched Zune.net. The site will not launch completely until November 14th but there is already a fair amount of information available. You’ll find all the information about the Zune player, software and accessories as well as spotlights on new bands and upcoming events.

The Zune Marketplace will use the Microsoft Points system that you may be familiar with if you have used XBox Live. Unfortunately, the ratio between a point and dollars is not 1:1. For example, 79 Microsoft points translates to about 99 cents. Would it have been so hard to set up a 1:1 ratio? Is there a nefarious plot afoot or am I just too cynical?

Keep an eye on Zune.net as additional content (like the Zune software) will appear when the Zune goes live.

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