Zune: Welcome to the Social

Microsoft Zune

Today is the day that the Microsoft Zune hits store shelves (if you live in the United States). The 20th century bore witness to a music revolution – from jazz to punk rock to hip hop. In a similar period of time, strides were made in the way that music was produced and shared, beginning in 1877 with Thomas Edison’s invention of the "word phonograph." The ability to record sound made it possible for people to create and share music in rich new ways, certainly, but it also enabled them to communicate as never before. From it, a world of possibilities was born.

Microsoft focuses on the Zune’s wireless capabilities as well as its commitments that the Zune is the entry point of a multi-year experience, and that Microsoft is investing heavily in innovation.

So, fasten your seat belts and let’s see where the Zune ride takes us!

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