80GB Sony PlayStation 3 coming

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony has announced plans to release an 80GB version of its PlayStation 3. Before you rejoice too much, the upgrade will only be available in South Korea for now although other regions could follow later. For some reason though, Europe has already been singled out not to receive the new PS3.

Aside from the hard drive, the Korean PS3 will use the same hardware as the European version which means that game backwards compatibility will be software-based rather than hardware-based.

The 80GB PlayStation 3 will be released on June 16 and will sell for approximately US$560.

While the Sony PlayStation 3 could boast the biggest internal hard drive among gaming consoles when it came out last year, the 80GB hard drive will not be enough for it to regain that title given that Microsoft now offers the Xbox 360 with a 120GB hard drive.

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