A closer look at the i-mate Ultimate 7150

i-mate’s Ultimate line will eventually consist of at least five devices which will come with a 520MHz Intel processor, Windows Mobile 6, 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM, VGA displays, tri-band 3G support, XGA direct video out, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, a microSD slot and an FM tuner. More information on the 7150 has now emerged.

The 7150 comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and the 3.8-inch screen not only flips open but also swivels. It will also come with 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi and a secondary OLED display on the front.

i-mate Ultimate 7150

Slovak web site mobilmania.sk has also landed a large number of pictures for everyone to check out.

Finally, they also report that it could sell for between 700 and 80 EUR ($900 to $1050 USD) when it becomes available (no dates yet).

Source: Engadget

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