A happy ending for the LG BH100 DVD player

The story of the LG BH100 dual format Blu-ray and HD DVD player looks like it will have a happy ending after all. Announced at CES, it promised to allow customers to avoid having to pick between Blu-ray and HD DVD. Then came word that it did not support iHD (interactive High Definition), making interactive menus and special features such as picture-in-picture and bookmarks unavailable. As a result, it could not receive certification from the DVD forum and would not be able to call itself a HD DVD player. Would the BH100 ever go on sale?

Apparently, it already has. originally expected in February, it has been spotted at CompUSA stores in Texas. Units spotted did not feature the HD DVD logo, thereby avoiding the certification issue. A happy ending could have been even happier were it not for the sticker shock ($1200 USD) that dual format goodness awaits you at the cashier.

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