Android smartphone prototype spotted in the wild

Google Android

Gizmodo has landed a picture of a Google Android prototype out in the wild. The device certainly looks like something that HTC would build (Compare it to the HTC S620 for example).

The developer who sent the picture to Gizmodo also found that the Android OS is not only light and fast but also put together than Window Mobile 5 on the back side of things.

On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal has an article that suggests that Android is quite buggy at this time. A Google Android developer named Adam MacBeth spent a few weeks doing (or trying to do) some development and concluded that Android is not ready for prime time. It must be noted though that the SDK that Google released is an “early look” meant to give developers a head start. While it could be a sign of future trouble, we will also need to see how the SDK evolves in the months to come.

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