Another 3G chipset import ban setback for Qualcomm

A request by Qualcomm to delay the import ban on mobile phones that use its 3G chipset was denied last Friday by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The court felt that it would not have jurisdiction of the case until the 60-day presidential review period expired on August 6th and during which the federal administration could overturn the ruling.

Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless agreed on Thursday to license Broadcom technology in a move to avoid the International Trade Commission (ITC) ban. At the same time, it withdrew its support for the appeal.

The ban was imposed by the ITC back in June on chipsets that infringe on six battery power-saving patents held by Broadcom. The ban affects future devices that a number of carriers, including Sprint and T-Mobile, plan to offer to their customers in the upcoming months.

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