Another Palm Treo 800w picture?

Palm Treo 800w?

Another alleged picture of the Treo 800w (codename Gandolf) has surfaced. If this picture as well as previous ones are legitimate, it appears that Palm may still be tweaking the form factor as this latest design is different from earlier ones. The new design borrows from various devices from Palm’s past with elements of the Tungsten W QWERTY keyboard, a d-pad reminiscent of the one on the LifeDrive and four hardware buttons around it and vertically aligned send and end buttons (like on the Zire Z72).

Earlier rumours that the Treo 800w (if this is in fact it) will be an EV-DO Rev.A device gained strength given that the picture (apparently from a Sprint roadmap) confirms this detail.

There was no information though confirming or denying earlier rumours that suggest that the new Treo will also come with Windows Mobile 6 standard, a 320×320 display, 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM, a 1,3MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a microSD slot.

Remember that there have also been rumours of a Treo 800p running PalmOS. So there is still quite a bit of mystery around this device.

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