Bang & Olufsen announces first wireless Bluetooth headset

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2

Bang & Olufsen have announced their first wireless Bluetooth headset. The sound quality has to be heard to be believed. With EarSet 2 we went beyond all established standards to give you a matchless performance from a Bluetooth headset. The loudspeaker system is designed to high-fidelity standards.

Made from anodized aluminum and hard rubber, the EarSet 2 uses two microphones with special filters and an advanced digital signal processor to reduce or cancel extraneous sounds like wind noise or background noise. It turns on when you fold the microphone arm out and turns off again when folded in. The carrying case also works as a charger. The EarSet 2 weighs about 23 grams.

The EarSet 2 works with the Bluetooth-enabled Bang & Olufsen Serene mobile phone as well as other Bluetooth phones.

It is available directly from Bang & Olufsen for USD$350 and is available in either left or right ear versions.

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