Bell Mobility unveils unlimited data plan for wireless cards

This is big news in Canada where unlimited plans are more myth than reality. Bell Mobility has unveiled a new unlimited email and Internet plan for wireless connection cards. “Demand for wireless connection cards has soared as businesspeople and consumers take their laptops on the road to move large business files, multimedia and other data,” said Adel Bazerghi, Vice President, Products for Bell Mobility. “Combined with our new unlimited data plan, these cards allow clients on the go real freedom to access the Internet or connect to other networks quickly, securely, and from wherever they may be in our national network coverage.”

While the plan only covers PC wireless connection cards, one can always hope that we will soon see this extended to all mobile devices. Let’s see if Bell’s competitors react by introducing their own plans.

The new plan will cost CAD$75 a month. Read the fine print though as the plan is subject to acceptable use restrictions in Terms of Service, including but not limited to consuming excessive network capacity or causing our network to be adversely affected. It might not be so unlimited after all…

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