Cellular-Book comes with rollable display

Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision announced today that they will launch the world’s first rollable display mobile device this year. The Cellular-Book uses the unique Polymer Vision rollable display technology which enables mobile devices to incorporate a display larger than the handset itself and offers a readability similar to printed paper.

Polymer Vision Cellular-Book

The Cellular-Book’s display extend up to 5-inches. It supports 16 grey levels and features contrast and reflectivity high enough to be read even in bright sunlight. The first models will come with 4GB of memory, EDGE/UMTS and DVB-H IP data-casting connectivity (through Telecom Italia only for now), and a mini-USB slot.

The Cellular-Book will be on display at the 3GSM World Congress that runs next week in Barcelona.

The two companies also promise that future versions will support colour and moving images.

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