Cliphanger lets you hang your gadgets almost anywhere


The Cliphanger is a gadget that lets you hang your mobile phone, PDA or DAP almost anywhere so that it’s always within easy reach. Once attached to your device, you can clip your device to a belt loop or a purse handle for example and easily unhook it whenever you need to. The innovative, patent-pending tool is so radically different from existing attachment devices that most people don’t grasp its usefulness until they try it. It’s a lot smaller than most cases so will not increase the bulk of your device the way a case would.

It also comes with an optional auto-clip that attaches to a flat surface like a car dashboard so that you can clip your device wherever you want.

The Cliphanger attaches to your device using an industrial adhesive. One of the installation videos shows that it is relatively easy to remove and does not leave any marks on your device.

Available in your choice of black, smoke or clear, the Cliphanger is available for US$11.95 directly from Cliphanger. Two and five-packs are also available.

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