Dopod to launch 6 phones in second half 2007?

DigiTimes is reporting that Dopod (an HTC subsidiary) is planning to launch six new phones in the second half of the year. Before you get too excited, the launches are planned for China. The new devices also have codenames: Athena-c, Cruiser, Kunlun, Nike-c, Elf and Sedna-c.

I have never heard of the Cruiser, Kunlun and Sedna-c. The Athena-c and Nike-c could be updates to existing or upcoming devices (the HTC Nike could be out as the P5500 in the third quarter) and the Elf is widely expected to be announced tomorrow.

I would also be surprised if HTC did not release the new devices under its own brand as well.

With Computex starting tomorrow, we will hopefully know more quickly.

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