FCC clues on upcoming Palm devices


TreoCentral has been doing a little digging in FCC documents and found some email correspondence between Palm and the FCC that suggest that Palm may have some new devices waiting in the wings. One email describes four new devices by their codenames: Gnome, Gryphon, Otto and Zeppelin. The Gnome is the GSM version of the Centro and the Gryphon is the CDMA version. The Otto is the Treo 500w. But what about the Zeppelin?

Most interesting about all this is a comment made in reference to the Zeppelin: (This device needs to be submitted to FCC because it has the co-locating WiFi and radio). TreoCentral goes on to surmise that this could be the Treo 800w , a Windows Mobile smartphone that is expected to come with Wi-Fi.

If so, does this also mean that the Treo 800w is currently undergoing FCC certification? If so, could we see an announcement early in 2008? Stay tuned!

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