Gizmodo weighs in on what is wrong with Windows Mobile and future versions

Windows Mobile

We all have our frustrations with the operating systems running our computers, gadgets and mobile devices. Windows Mobile certainly has received its fair share of criticisms (warranted and unwarranted). Its interface suddenly got old quickly this year in the face of new interfaces like that of the iPhone and HTC’s TouchFLO. Gizmodo has posted an article that looks at what is wrong (in their opinion) with Windows Mobile today. I don’t agree with every point but it does recap quite many popular frustrations.

Then Gizmodo goes on to reveal a few nuggets about upcoming versions of Windows Mobile.

We already have a pretty good idea of what Windows Mobile 6.1 will look like thanks to The Boy Genius (pictures and video). In Windows Mobile 7, the application suite will be completely revamped. Pocket Internet Explorer will be replaced by a desktop-grade version of IE and all applications will get a more user-friendly user interface (perhaps even with some help from the Zune team).

For Windows Mobile 8, Microsoft is starting from scratch. The entire user interface will be redesigned and new features like global search and tighter application integration (for example, one click to go from a contact card to a map view of the address).

Interesting but I have a feeling that Windows Mobile is a long way off and Microsoft’s competitors will not be resting on their laurels either.

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