Google Phone confirmed by HTC insider?

Crunchgear is reporting that an HTC insider has confirmed that the much-rumoured Google phone (rumours go back as far as late 2006) will launch in early 2008. Google is looking at some 20 HTC designs before deciding on which will become the final product.

The source indicates that there will be a special version of Google Maps that will work with integrated GPS, compatibility with Google applications like Gmail, and that it will support VoIP through Google Talk (so the phone will also support Wi-Fi). There is even a chance that Google could use Windows Mobile 6 as the OS but a Linux-based OS is more likely.

Not soon enough for you? The Business Standard, an Indian business daily, is reporting that in fact, Google will announce its gPhone as early as two weeks from now. It will be launched worldwide simultaneously (FCC approval expected shortly).

Let the frenzy begin anew!

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