Halo 3 lands in stores on September 25

Halo 3

Time for The Covenant to be afraid again; Master Chief is coming back to once again defend humankind! Microsoft has just announced that the much anticipated Halo 3 will hit store shelves on September 25 in the US. It is being touted as the biggest entertainment event of the year by Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. “We intend to deliver a finale that will go down in entertainment history and leave people around the world with an experience that will be shared and enjoyed for years to come.”

A public beta of the game started this week and will run until early June.

Halo 3 will be available in three versions: a standard version, a limited edition that will include details on the making of the game, and a legendary edition that will come with Master Chief’s helmet.

Microsoft will also launch a Halo 3-themed Zune next month. It will come preloaded with a collection of Halo content, including videos, soundtracks, trailers, ads, and artwork.

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