Hermit in a cave update: Apple iPhone available today

Apple iPhone

Just in case Gadgetorama is the only web site that you check for news about the outside world (and you have missed our iPhone coverage in the past), today is the day that the world (well, the US at least) finally gets to get their hands on the Apple iPhone. It will be available today at 1800 local time and lineups are well under way at Apple and AT&T stores. Apple has confirmed that you will be able to purchase a maximum of two iPhones.

Apple has also got a number of iPhone accessories ready for you. Among them is the Bluetooth headset (which includes an iPhone Dual Dock to charge both the iPhone and the headset and a Bluetooth Travel Cable) for US$129, the iPhone Stereo Headset for US$29 and a US$29 USB power adapter among others.

Apple has also released iTunes 7.3 which will let you activate the iPhone service and let you sync it with your PC.

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