HTC Dream prototype for Android

Google has barely revealed Android, its new open platform for mobile devices, that details about devices have begun to emerge. The first such device is known as Dream at Google. Developed by HTC, it is a thin device measuring about 12.7cm by 7.6cm (5 by 3 inches) that features a touchscreen display. Below the screen are located navigational controls and the screen can swivel to reveal a QWERTY keyboard beneath. The screen is time-sensitive: The length of time that you hold your finger down will control certain actions like expanding a portion of the screen or revealing new menu icons.

The article also revealed that HTC is already considering commercializing the Dream as well as other devices. These would come in a variety of sizes and focus on different market segments, including personal as well as business segments.

The latter part of 2008 could be very interesting indeed…

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