HTC P3600 ROM update available from HTC Europe

HTC Trinity

When HTC first announced the P3600, many expected it to include integrated GPS capabilities. But, despite having an integrated GPS chipset, it did not come with the support to use it. HTC has now released a ROM update that enables it. The P3600 comes with the Qualcomm GPS chipset which is not as sensitive as the SiRFStar one (according to Mobinaute). But you can’t really argue with getting this new functionality given that the unit originally came without it.

Aside from activating the GPS functionality, the new ROM comes with browser improvements, Bluetooth improvements, new data network icons to differentiate between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA connection and a new streaming player.

HTC has also released a a taster version of TomTom NAVIGATOR6 which includes one city map and new network settings wizards to set up Web, WAP, MMS connection settings for a number of European carriers (including O2, Orange and others).

Note: Remember to back up all your your data before doing the update.

Source: Mobinaute

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