HTC Shift not to ship before 2008?

HTC Shift

If you’re waiting to get your hands on the HTC Shift, the wait just got longer. Formally unveiled in early October, it was supposed to start shipping in early November. Here we are in December and it looks like the shipment date has now slipped to January 2008, based on dates provided by Expansys UK.

It’s not clear what the cause of the delay is. Did HTC run into manufacturing or design issues? Or did they realize that they have pretty much missed the holiday shopping season at this point and decided to hold off until we are all back from our holidays?

One thing is clear though. As noted by UMPC Portal, with CES just around the corner, the promise of the HTC Shift could fade quickly from our minds as newer devices, likely to use the new Intel Menlow Ultra Mobile platform get announced.

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