HTC VueFLO demonstrated

With the HTC Touch, HTC unveiled a new technology called TouchFLO. HTC also has another unique technology on another of its devices. Called VueFLO, it is available on the the HTC X7500/X7501 Advantage. It lets you tilt the X7500/X7501 to scroll around in either Pocket Internet Explorer or Opera. For example, tilt it down to scroll down or to a side to have it scroll in that direction.

VueFLO uses the motion sensor used to protect the hard drive from falls to sense movement in up to 8 directions. Those movements are then translated into scrolling actions.

It sounds promising but I suspect it may not work so well in a real-life application. Tilting the device away from you will make it more difficult to read and it does not appear to provide a complete experience. For example, is there a particular tilt motion to select and click on a link? In the end, you still will need to rely on your stylus or d-pad.

Source: Pocketnow

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