i-mate promises twelve new devices next year

i-mate has been going through a rough patch since HTC stopped being its ODM. Since then, it has released less than spectacular products, other devices have been delayed and it recorded its first ever pre-tax loss. But the company might be turning things around and now promises to launch 12 new smartphones in the next year.

Six (up one from the expected five) Ultimate devices will be introduced in the next six to 12 months. i-mate will also launch two new devices in its JAMA line of entry-level devices and four new devices in a new mid-range line of devices. The latter line will be known as the Urban. All the new devices will run Windows Mobile.

Three of these new devices, the Ultimate 6150, Ultimate 8150 and the Urban 201 with a QWERTY-based keyboard, will be on display at the upcoming GITEX tradeshow.

Hopefully, this is more than vapourware announcements!

Source: Pocket PC Dubai

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