Intel launches tiny new solid state drives

Intel Z-P140 SSD

Intel has announced a new line of solid state drives (SSD) that are smaller than a penny and weighing less than a drop of water. The Z-P140 drives will come in either 2GB or 4GB capacities and Intel intends them for handheld mobile devices such as mobile Internet devices, digital entertainment and embedded products.

The Intel Z-P140 PATA SSD has an industry standard parallel-ATA (PATA) interface and is optimized to enhance Intel-based computers, and will be an optional part of Intel’s Menlow platform for mobile Internet devices debuting in 2008. They will offer read speeds of 40 MB/s and write speeds of 30 MB/s while only using 300mW (0.3 watts) in active mode or 1.1mW in sleep mode.

Mass production should start in the first quarter of 2008 for the 2GB model and mid-2008 for the 4G model. Higher capacities should then follow later in the year.

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