Label your plugs

ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels

Does a tangle of power cords live beneath your desk like it does at my place? Do you know which plug to pull when you want to turn off a piece of equipment? A solution is now at hand fortunately. The ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels are labels with a drawing of the device on it. Stick them on the plugs of the appropriate device and the next time you are trying to figure out which plug is which, the task will be that much easier.

The ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels are made of pliable vinyl and measure 1.6 centimeters (5/8-inch) in diameter.

They are available in three different themes: Office (22 office computer labels and 10 office equipment labels), Electronics (16 home computer labels, 16 audio/video equipment labels and 8 charger labels for wireless devices) and Household (8 kitchen basics labels, 8 gourmet kitchen labels, 24 household labels and 8 workshop labels).

Each ID Pilot Wire Identification Label kit is available for $6 USD.

Source: The Uber-Review

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