LG patents for dual touchscreen clamshells and animated user interfaces

Recent patent filings suggest that LG might be thinking of following up its Prada touchscreen phone with a clamshell phone that features two touchscreens as well as an interface that provides more visual feedback to your actions.

One patent shows such a device being operated by both fingers and a stylus. The two screens could work independently (for example, the bottom screen could act as a keypad with the top one displaying what you’re typing) or as one panel and letting the user drag objects from one to the other. The second patent is for dynamic icons that could react to user actions or as a result of an outcome. For example, an icon could move closer or grow bigger if you tapped close to it but not on it.

The same second patent looks at ways to make user interfaces more fun. How would you feel about icons that have flapping fins, wings or arms, the running movement of legs or that shake?

You can read the two patents at the US Patent & Trademark Office. The first is called Mobile Communication Terminal Having Multiple Displays and a Data Processing Method Thereof and the second is Mobile terminal providing graphic user interface and method of providing graphic user interface using the same.

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