More on what HP is planning in the gaming world


That post early this morning about HP’s Mscape gaming prototype was but a taste of some of the things that the folks at HP and new subsidiary Voodoo are working on. TG Daily has a write-up about some of the other projects and experiments that HP showed off at a gaming event that took place last night.

What if you could do what they have done with high definition collaboration and Halo, and apply it to virtual worlds and gaming? What if you could take the advances they have made in cooling highly dense blade servers and applied similar technology to cooling over clocked CPUs and GPUs? What if you could take the advances they have made with micro sensors and used them to bridge the real world and the virtual world? And what if you took the advances they have made with user interfaces used for specialized industrial equipment and used the technology to create unique and power powerful game controllers?

HP plans to unveil some of this new gaming stuff later this year. Some of it, including new gaming PCs could appear under a new brand that would fit between its HP and Voodoo brands in terms of price and performance.

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